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While She Sleeps Interview

A Conversation with Vocalist Loz Taylor


While She Sleeps

While She Sleeps

The End Records
Updated November 02, 2012
After a well-received EP and winning Best British Newcomer at the Kerrang! Awards 2012, While She Sleeps is releasing their debut full-length, This Is The Six. Loz Taylor, vocalist for the metallic hardcore band, gives us the scoop on their new album.

Describe the songwriting and recording process for This Is The Six.
Loz Taylor: We all hit the studio in November 2011 and started recording tracks that we already had written. We finalized a lot of the songs and pieced them together while in the studio. We feel we work well under pressure. Mat and I had lyrics that we had been writing for almost a year previous to this that fit together. This was our first time in a professional studio, so a lot of the writing happened at Treehouse Studios.  

How was the experience?
It was amazing actually. Having time to utilize the studio, working with Carl Brown on the record was awesome.  

How has the band's sound evolved/progressed from your EP to this album?
We wanted to push ourselves with This Is The Six, and we feel it is a good follow up to our debut The North Stands For Nothing. We wanted to get rid of boundaries with this album and write music that flowed from the members. We feel this worked well for us.

What is the lyrical theme for This Is The Six?
There are a lot of meanings behind the album. Each song is about different things we've experienced or our views on certain subjects. We speak about family and friends, meeting people on the road, right down to our views on religion and wars, etc.

How did Andrew Neufeld's guest appearance come about?
We've listened to Comeback Kid for years and really dug Andrew’s vocals. So when it came to having a guest vocal on our record we got in touch with him and he said yes. That’s pretty much it.

How has the response to the European release been so far?
It's been awesome. We've always had a good response over here. Since the release, the few shows we've played over here people have been screaming along to every word.

What are your hopes and expectations for the North American release?
As long as the people that want to hear it get the chance that’s all that we want. 

What are your upcoming tour plans?
We are touring Europe right now with Architects and Heights from the UK. We finish this and then go out with Asking Alexandria in the UK and Europe come January.

Any possibility of a U.S. tour?
We would love to tour the US. We are just waiting for the right opportunity. There might be a little something in the pipeline, but that’s all I can say for now.

What has been your most memorable While She Sleeps live show?
We have just finished our first album headline tour. It was unreal. We never expected the reaction that we received. All of the shows were amazing.

What did winning the Kerrang and Metal Hammer awards mean to you, and have they boosted the band's profile?
We had no idea we were going to win anything so it was a shock, a good shock though. It’s always nice to receive recognition for hard work, no matter who or what it is.

What's currently in heavy rotation on your MP3 player?
Oathbreaker, Comeback Kid, Underoath, Devil Sold His Soul

Anything else you'd like to mention or promote?
Just come hang out at a show and keep your eyes open for new releases from UK bands.

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