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Banished From Inferno Interview

A Conversation With Guitarist/Bassist Rober


Banished From Inferno

Banished From Inferno

Ibex Moon Records
Updated February 05, 2009
Banished From Inferno is a death metal trio with members from Spain and Sweden. Their self-titled EP has recently been released, and a full-length is on the way. Guitarist/bassist Rober introduces us to Banished From Inferno.

Chad Bowar: How did the band get together?
Rober: The band was formed in 2002 under the name of Berenice Bleeding after I asked Phlege (Wormed) to play the drums for a new side-project band on which I was working. At first the band’s sound was more into a raw black/death style, and the songs for what was supposed to be our first promo were never recorded. In fact, due to our duties with Machetazo and Wormed respectively, the project was finally put aside indefinitely.

Some years after we were drunk at a death metal gig in Portugal and talking all night long about reanimating the project band, but in a more crusty and old school death metal way, with the unavoidable slight touch of raw black metal of the very first days. Some months later, Rogga from Paganizer was spending some days at my home in Santiago before starting the Machetazo and Paganizer tour. He really liked the stuff, so I asked him about joining the band and he accepted without a doubt. After that, we changed name to Banished from Inferno, recorded some promo stuff, got a great deal with Ibex Moon Records for our first mini album and the full length, and here we go.

How would you describe Banished From Inferno’s sound?
Old school death metal filth, blackened and crusty.

Describe the band’s songwriting process.
First off, I try to get a bit stoned and boozed, then I play some classic horror, old sci-fi, satanic porn or World War II movie, and if I don’t fall asleep, then maybe I take the guitar and start to play some noisy riffing, sometimes cool stuff, sometimes crap. Everything sounds great when you’re high. Anyway, when I got some stuff finished, I just send it to Phlege so he can start with the drumming work, and as soon as we have finished 3 or 4 new songs, we meet in Madrid or here in A Coruña and rehearse (and smoke and drink) all day long, and so forth with the rest of the songs for the album. After that, we usually record some rehearsal tapes to send Rogga, then he begins work on the lyrical stuff, and that’s the whole process.

What inspired the lyrics for the album?
Some kind of apocalyptic (crap), not as a biblical concept but a devious and bloody gore view of it. The whole concept of the EP revolves around the day the world ends, all day long, from the very first light of day (“Aurora Macabra”) and an unexpected huge storm breaking all over the Earth (“Storm Apokalypse”) to the demonic zombie armageddon of “Stench of Evil Thru the Mist” and the desolation after world’s massive end (“The Solemn Bleakness”). Only “Calaveras” deviates a bit from this apocalyptic theme, on which lyrics talk about some usual death metal crap: rottenness, bloody mess, loathsome graves, skulls, and obviously the cover track “Into the Crypts of Rays” does not need an introduction for any classic metal fan. (It’s a Celtic Frost cover).

What are your expectations for the EP?
Getting rich and famous as much as possible, I will buy a Tiger I tank with the royalties, Rogga will get an Olympic-size swimming beer pool with his part of money and Phlege wants his own 500 hectares weed forest. We only need another 20 million copies to get sold. No man, there are no special expectations, it’s just the first step of the Banished from Inferno and that’s all. Our only expectation and intention right now is making a great full length album this year.

How did you hook up with Ibex Moon Records?
We sent out our promo to some interesting labels around the globe. We got offered cool deals with some of them, but finally John and Ibex Moon Records came to us with an offer better than any other, so we just went ahead with it. Ibex Moon released our debut self-titled EP and made some cool BFI merchandise. We are really happy to be a part of the Ibex Moon hellish roster, they are really professional and supportive. They know very well how to do their work. Now we are working hard on the songs for the album, we will enter the studio in a few months. The album is supposed to be released by the end of present year or beginning next through Ibex Moon Records again. We won’t disappoint them.

What are your tour plans?
Touring with Banished from Inferno at this time is simply impossible. We have to wait at least for the full-length album, as we have not enough stuff for a show right now, only a 23 minute long EP. But you can be sure we want Banished from Inferno to get on the road next year, and that will be our highest priority for 2010, but now the full album is the first thing.

What was the first concert you attended as a fan?
It was the gig of a local death-grind band, I was 15 and got really shocked. No matter the band’s name, as some years after they changed their sound into a modern hardcore metal crap and they completely suck now.

How did you get started in music?
I got into metal with Iron Maiden’s Powerslave by a cousin of mine, shortly after it was released, I was 8. From that day I always knew that there’s no other band in the world better than them, even though they have done some bad albums. That one was my first metal album ever and my precocious beginning into metal. Some other acts came later: Accept, Judas Priest, Kreator, Venom, Metallica, Helloween, Slayer and so on.

Was there a song or album that inspired you to want to perform music?
Too many to mention. I remember getting absolutely shocked when Burzum’s Hvis LysetTar Oss was released. I was 15 years old and thought it was simply impossible sounding such frozen cold and evil as that album, so maybe it was by chance the strongest influence to form my very first band that same year or just a bit later. It was called Luzbel and now I can say that you won’t hear such a crappy band like this in your whole life! Fortunately it didn’t last long, just a year or so.

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