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Immortal Dominion Interview

A Conversation With Guitarist Brian Villers


Updated June 10, 2008
Immortal Dominion are a metal band from Colorado who have been around since 1992. Their latest album is 2005’s Awakening: The Revelation. After five of their songs were featured in the movie Teeth, Fist Music has re-released the CD. The band is getting ready to record some new material as we speak. Immortal Dominion guitarist Brian Villers fills us in on the history of the band and what’s coming up next.

Chad Bowar: How did the band get together?
Brian Villers: We actually all met at this huge church where they had rock music, laser lights, smoke machines. We were all on drama teams and played music. We all left church and organized religion and formed this band and have really never looked back.

What led to this re-release of Awakening?
We landed new distribution through CBUJ, and because of the movie doing so well, we rereleased it and got in store distro through Hot Topic, Independent Records, Super D, among others.

How would you describe the album’s sound?
I think it is very diverse, incorporating many styles of metal and some punk. Overall I would say it is an aggressive sound, with clean tone vocals mixed in. One reviewer years ago said that if you put Morbid Angel and Pantera together, and mixed in a dash of Bush you would have us. I always thought that was funny.

How did you get five songs in the movie Teeth?
Another band had actually landed a song on the movie, but they broke up and were arguing about right to the songs. So, Morris Beagle from Fist Music (our distributor) sent him a bunch of his bands and they picked us, and picked 5 songs instead of just one.

How has that impacted the band?
We have received a lot of publicity as well as the in store distro I mentioned. In a weird way it kind of legitimized us as like a “real band” or something.

What are the plans for your next CD?
We are working with a producer we met named Sterling Winfield, who produced Pantera, Hellyeah, Nickelback, King Diamond and a bunch of other bands. We really hit it off and will be recording with him hopefully here in August.

Do you have any tour plans?
There are some plans in the works. We always play a lot locally. Next month we are playing Westword Magazine’s music showcase- 50 bands on 10 stages in downtown Denver. The next step is definitely to hit the coasts and support this attention we have received.

What’s the metal scene like in Colorado?
It is weird; there are a ton of metal bands up in Northern Colorado, Denver, and Colorado Springs, but for a long time a lot of bands seemed to be out for themselves, even to the point of having after parties the minute they got off stage so they could take “their crowd” with them. But, I have seen a lot of effort lately with MySpace and some groups that started up to unify the scene up here. I think a lot of the promoters up here were really ripping off bands and causing division. A lot of bands are going around the promoters and just booking and promoting ourselves. There is a ton of talent out here, though, a lot of bands who have been at it 10 plus years.

How did you get started in music?
I think I started writing songs when I was like 6 years old. My mom belonged to a tape club and they sent her Kiss – Love Gun by mistake. She threw it in my toy box and I wore it out in my little tape player. It was all over after that, I was in love with songwriting and metal

Who are some current guitarists you admire?
I really like that guy who plays for Avenged Sevenfold, his solos are really tasty, Of course Zakk Wylde. Seems like solos are back in style again, so a lot of great guitarists seem to be emerging.

What CD is playing in your version of hell? How about heaven?
In Hell it is probably Smooth Operator by Sade. Every time I am in a grocery store and hear it, it’s in my head for a week. In heaven, I think God is a Kings X fan.

What do you hate?
As far as music goes I hate the egos, almost no one is as good as they think they are. Seems like the bands with the biggest egos have the least talent some times.

What are your best and worst personal characteristics?
My best would be I am very energetic and positive. My worst is that I am annoyingly energetic and positive.

What are the best and worst things about being in a band?
Best is creating, drinking beer and laughing, and of course the live reaction from the crowd. The worst is the amount of time and money it takes to really do it right.

Anything else you’d like to add?
Just to keep an eye out for our next album later this year, I think we are going to surprise some people. And to all the new fans we have been getting messages and emails from because of the film, thank you!

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