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In This Moment Interview

A Conversation With Vocalist Maria Brink


This This Moment vocalist Maria Brink

In This Moment Vocalist Maria Brink

photo by Chad Bowar
I spoke with In This Moment’s vocalist Maria Brink just before their debut CD Beautiful Tragedy was released. Several months later, the band has really taken off. They have done some high profile tours, including Ozzfest, and their videos have been getting a lot of airplay. I interviewed Maria again just as Ozzfest was wrapping up and got her take on the whirlwind that has been the past few months along with In This Moment’s upcoming plans.

Chad Bowar: How would you characterize your experience on Ozzfest 2007?
Maria Brink: It was everything that we could have imagined and more. We had such a good time. Every single crowd was amazing. It was packed and we got good responses. We got along great with the other bands. Everyone became good friends. We had such a great time.

Did you see an increase in CD sales once you were on Ozzfest?
Yes, for sure. Every single day we went to a FYE meet and greet with the fans. All of the CDs we sold there during the show went directly to Soundscan (which is the company that monitors CD sales). There was a definite increase.

During your set at Ozzfest in Detroit, Candace from Walls Of Jericho joined you for a couple songs. How did that come about?
It was so awesome. She’s a good friend of mine. We toured together a few months ago and we really hit it off. She was coming out anyway, and I told her she should come up on stage and do a song with us, and she said she would love to. It felt really good being up there with her.

Since you’ve been on the road nonstop since the album was released, do you play the songs any differently live than on the CD?
They are a little bit different. Some parts we play a little faster or slower live. We extend certain parts because it gets the crowd really pumped up, stuff like that. My vocals, from doing it every day, are getting much stronger than they were on the album, which is a good thing. You get better the more you do it.

Earlier this summer In This Moment toured Europe. How was that?
We had never been there. It was really great for us, because it really set us up for Ozzfest. We played Download and a lot of big festivals with big crowds like Ozzfest, and that was our first time experiencing anything like that, so it prepped us for it. We loved Europe. We had a great time. We had one day off in Amsterdam, and all got to go and do whatever we wanted. It was amazing. I’d always wanted to go there.

Did you notice many differences between European and U.S. fans?
Europe has great crowds, too. They have a great time. I definitely noticed a difference with the pit. They don’t really beat each other up there and try to punch each other in the face. They usually do circle pits and just push each other, versus the U.S. where you see more people just destroying each other in the pit. In Europe they are having more of a good time and doing circle pits. In the United States they are beating each other up more.

What are your tour bus/van essentials?
We were in a van for two years, and then we were sharing a bus with DevilDriver in Europe. Now we have an RV just for us. The guys give me space in the back of the RV, which I never had before. It’s really great. The essentials for me are baby wipes, cleansing products and bottles of water, because running water doesn’t usually work very well. A lot of times I’m using bottled water to wash my hair outside the RV because you don’t always get showers. To me staying clean is the most important thing.

Your next tour is with Megadeth. That’s a pretty big opportunity.
It’s crazy. We really are a new band still. Our album came out in March, and we got the opportunity to play Ozzest. When we found out we got this tour we couldn’t believe it. Everyone in the band are fans of Megadeth. We got to meet Dave Mustaine in Europe. He had to give it the ok. We had to go in his room. He was very nice, and he came and watched our show. Now we got the tour and we are so excited and honored to be part of that tour. We have a lot of things happening. We are touring all the way through February 2008 nonstop.

That’s a great thing for the band, but I imagine life on the road can be a little rough.
It can be hard. Obviously you’re tired and don’t have much time off. But we’re a new band and we have to pay our dues, work really hard and climb up the ladder. We realize that’s what we have to do and so we’re doing it.

Was your son able to come out on the road with you at all this summer?
Yes, he came for about half of Ozzfest. Then football practice started and my son is huge into sports. He comes out whenever he wants. If my son misses me too much or I miss him we make it happen. The band is great with that. They are very understanding and supportive of it. During the Megadeth tour we have off dates in between shows, and instead of playing an off-date show, the band will let me fly home to go to his football game and fly right back for the next show.

How did the album’s response compare to your expectations?
I’m definitely grateful for everything, but my expectations are really big. The whole band has the mentality of think big, wish big and then affect it big. We think that if you think really big and work really hard towards it, it will happen. We want to make this our full time careers. We want to sell a million albums. We want to push hard and keep working toward those goals. When you wish for it so much, and to see it happening is really the most overwhelming thing. It feels so good to see all the hard work paying off.

Since you and the band have been at this a while and aren’t 18 years old, do you think you appreciate the success more than you would have at a younger age?
Yes. I’ve been working on it for so long. I moved to L.A. by myself. There were so many times I wanted to give up and thought it wasn’t going to happen. But you just hold on and keep pushing. Every day I wake up and I’m grateful.

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