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Since The Flood Interview

A Conversation With Vocalist Chuck Bouley


Since The Flood
Metal Blade Records
Since The Flood are from the metal and hardcore hotbed of New England. The band was discovered by Unearth’s Trevor Phipps, who originally signed them to his label. Howard Jones of Killswitch Engage is another big supporter, and managed the band. Their latest CD No Compromise was recently released. I spoke with vocalist Chuck Bouley about their new album, tour plans, and why the Northeast spawns so many hardcore and metal bands.

Chad Bowar: How has Since The Flood’s sound evolved on this album?
Chuck Bouley: This album is just so heavy, it’s straightforward and to the point. We waited so long to write a new album so we were just pumped to play new material and we knew what we wanted to do. We’ve grown up so much as a band over the past five years and you can hear it in this record.

How has the response from fans and critics been so far to No Compromise?
The response has been mainly positive. This style of music is not for everyone, you either love it or you hate it, there are no in betweens.

How did you decide on the album title?
After putting out a video and then signing to Metal Blade, we didn’t want it to seem that because we were getting more attention that we were going to change what we are about. We’re not your typical Metal Blade band and we wanted people to know that we weren’t changing. We are still going to write the music that we love to play no matter what and they’re still going to get STF.

What inspired the lyrics for this album?
My life experiences have always been the basis for my lyrics. I write about my life and my struggles; the good, the bad, the ugly, and I just try to write it in a way that people can relate.

What is your recording process like?
We usually are a hundred percent prepared. We had a couple of loose ends when we got ready to record this album. One song was completely written in the studio. There were also two or three songs that I didn’t have a chance to practice with the band before recording my lyrics but it all came together in the studio.

What are your upcoming tour plans?
We’re doing a little East Coast tour with one of my favorite bands of all time Madball, and another great band from our area Death Before Dishonor. This tour should be a really good time, we did a European tour with Madball last year and they are amazing guys and just so much fun to watch live. We have played tons of shows with DBD and they are good friends of ours so it will be fun to do an actual tour with them finally. We have some other tour plans in the works but nothing’s finalized yet.

What are your favorite cities/venues to play live?
The Showcase theatre in Corona, California is always amazing. I also really like the Backbooth in Orlando, Florida. My favorite would probably be the Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts. The stage is just amazing and we get that hometown love.

Any pre concert rituals?
I personally won’t eat for about three or four hours before we play because I’m kinda scared I’ll throw up on stage. I also use tiger balm on my legs before every show. It loosens up my muscles a little bit.

What are the largest and smallest crowds you've played in front of?
We’ve played a couple of really big fests, the New England Metal and Hardcore fest in Massachusetts is always amazing. It’s sold out ever year with thousands of people there. We’ve have also played our share of lame shows. I can remember a couple of times being on tour and playing in front of seriously five people.

What was the first concert you attended as a fan?
I think I was sixteen and had just got my license; I drove to the Wallace Civic Center in Fitchburg Massachusetts to see the Melvins, and Reverend Horton Heat with White Zombie. It was amazing.

Any tour horror stories?
More than I have time to tell you about. Probably the worst was on our first real tour. We were driving back from a show in Tijuana and the van started acting up. We lost our transmission about a hundred feet over the border coming back into the U.S. That was not fun.

What band did you have the best time touring with?
I’d have to say our brothers from Connecticut, 100 Demons. Those guys are just amazing.

How did you get started in music?
I started my first band in high school with my childhood friend Toby Bastille, who is actually an original member of Since the Flood. I wanted to sing for a band and he played guitar and I had another friend that played bass. I got the two of them together we found a drummer and started rocking.

Was there a song or album that inspired you to want to perform music?
I think it was probably Pantera’s Vulgar Display Of Power that did it for me. I can remember having to buy the cassette twice because I wore it out.

Who were your musical inspirations?
The almighty Hatebreed, Madball, 100 Demons, Blood for Blood, Death Threat and Crowbar.

Who are some current artists you admire?
I think Terror is the best thing to happen to heavy music in awhile. They are just amazing.

Why is the metal and hardcore scene so strong in Massachusetts?
I’m not sure, I think there are just so many great bands that come out of here and the younger kids get to watch them grow then they have something to mold their band after. Or maybe it’s just something in the water!

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