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Silenius and Protector Interview


Chad Bowar: Are you running out of material from Tolkien, or is there enough to keep making new albums for the foreseeable future?
Silenius: Of course it is true thht we already have used the best poems of Tolkien for our releases. but nevertheless there is still a lot more to find . We started to use poems and lyrics from different known and unknown writers to integrate within our concept and we even started to integrate our own lyrics or rearrange lyrics. In the end everything should build up a strong concept and a mixture of different lyrical inputs which nevertheless is totally dedicated to Tolkien and his middle earth concept.

How has U.S. response been to your previous work, and are you hoping this album will increase your exposure here?
Protector: The USA was never a country for our music. I think generally bands with a very bombastic epic mood are not really appreciated very much in the USA. The USA is more well known for hardcore and any kind of music having a live on the streets feeling, but not really a fantasy band. Maybe this will change.

Do you play live shows, or are you strictly a studio project?
Protector: Summoning is a strict studio project. We simply are the composer types that prefer to create tunes instead of playing already existing ones. We only take an instrument in our hands when we are "forced" to in order to finish an album. After that we never play the tune again and create new tunes instead. On a live stage we would only have to deal with this annoying aspect of our music, and this would definitely not bring us any satisfaction; we only would be bored and all fans would soon notice that, and in the end all would only be disappointed. Apart from that our music should create mind words of wide fantasy landscapes, but seeing 2 normal sweating mortal human on stage would total destroy all those images we created in the head of the listener with our albums.

Are you involved in any other musical projects besides Summoning? What type of music are they, and are any recordings in the works?
Protector: I am also making music for my classical inspired dark wave project Die Verbannten Kinder Evas that I mentioned earlier where I make music only with orchestral keyboard sounds and my voice sung in a clear way together with a female singer. The style is very melancholic and slow and does not contain any metal or rock elements at all. I already released 3 albums of this project and in the next weeks I will start to mix the new album which is already recorded.

The other project is called Ice Ages. It is very dark and cold music but yet with tunes and rhythms and my distorted voice accompanied by hard noisy rhythm sound and pure electronic tune sounds. I already released 2 albums, and have the basic versions of all new songs for a third release ready.

Silenius: Beside Summoning the only band I am still active within is Kreuzweg OST, a military industrial band. Martin Schirken of Pungent Stench is not in the band anymore. I have two new members who brought new input to the music and the latest release [i[Edelrost was done by the English label Cold Spring Records which specializes in this music. The music is a mixture between industrial, neoclassical themes and military rhythms. This time there's less noise than the first one but it's more rhythmic and melodic.

How did you get started in music?
Protector: When I was a child I learned violin for a while, but then gave it up as I was not talented enough. Later at the age of 14 I started playing drums (from classical drums to rock drums) for 3 years. My first musical activities were in a lousy school band and later a kind of thrash-death metal band called Marlignom.

Silenius: Summoning for sure was the first serious band we took part in. Before that both of us had been members of other bands that could not be taken too seriously. I made my first musical steps in a band called Shadow Vale. In my home town Neunkirchen the only fixed members were the guitar player and me on bass. Sometimes a drummer joined and sometimes my brother was playing some keyboards if he was too bored to do anything else.

What type of music do you enjoy listening to?
Protector: For many years now I've listened to non metal music, not because I don't respect metal anymore, but simply because I don't have the time to focus on my styles and now prefer to listen to total dark elecronic music, a bit like the music I make with Ice Ages.

Silenius: First of all I'd like to mention the millitary pop band from France called Derniere Volunté. The melody lines of this band are very similar and even the song structures are quite the same as Summoning. Second I want to mention the witch hammer trilogy of the band Shinjuku Thief which is a kind of mix of hymnal music and tribal beats. And a big inspiration is the CD Hymnus of the dark ambient band Hoedh. It is a mixture of slow ambient but on the other side is very hymns styled.

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