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Dan Drago


Dan Drago

Dan Drago


Dan Drago’s life was forever changed on the morning of January 2nd, 1982. He was barely nine years old. He had woken up that morning before his parents and both of his two older brothers. In January of 1982 Dan was still only 9 years old and hadn’t discovered music outside of what his parents listened to. You see, the night before his oldest brother John had went to the Phoenix Memorial Coliseum to see an artist named Ozzy Osbourne. Dan had never heard of him or his music but looked up to his big brother so much he just couldn’t wait to hear about his experience.

Since Dan was the only one up he noticed that on the living room table were an album and a tour program that John had brought home with him from the concert. Dan took both of these to his room and put the record, which was strangely titled Diary Of A Madman on his turntable. The pictures were strangely fascinating and scary. It was an experience that deeply moved him and opened up his musical horizons. Till this day Diary Of A Madman is still his favorite record.

Dan moved on discovering bands like Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Death, Sodom, Mercyful Fate and Napalm Death as his tastes grew more diverse and extreme. He was always on the forefront of the underground metal scene and was a fixture at the local record stores. In the early '90s Dan continued to grow with the metal scene and started expanding his tastes to all different genres of metal. His CD collection has now grown to over 5000 and is ever expanding.

Dan has also played in the metal scene for the last 15 years with his band The Furnace. They have released 6 CD’s and have toured Arizona, California, New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada.

In addition to writing on About.com, Dan also writes for the online magazine Metal Temple. When Dan isn’t writing about, creating or listening to metal he is married and a father to two beautiful children in Phoenix, Arizona. His day job consists of being an account manager at Staples. He is a die-hard New York Giants football fan and also a big time reader of horror books as well.


Dan Drago graduated with an Associate of Arts Degree from Glendale Community College in Glendale, Arizona.

From Dan Drago:

Heavy metal has impacted my life so much over the years that I couldn’t begin to describe the joy and happiness it has brought me. Outside of my family and friends it is the single most gratifying thing in my life. I still get that same thrill I had all those years ago discovering my favorite artists like Ozzy and Black Sabbath. I am constantly searching for new bands to discover and am always learning about a band's history. Everyone calls me a metal encyclopedia and I just wouldn’t be who I am without metal in my life.

To be able to contribute to About.com Heavy Metal means the world to me because it is a way to discuss my love for heavy metal in an online forum. I look forward to having the many discussions we metal fans have with people who appreciate this crazy love of mine.

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