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Dean Brown


Dean Brown

Dean Brown


In early 2010, Dean Brown found himself straight out of University with the global financial crisis crippling every chance of obtaining employment in his native Ireland. Like many, Dean embarked on a solo trip to Australia for work.

As a means to cope with the serious bouts of homesickness that resulted from being a small town boy lost in a sprawling metropolis, Dean turned to writing about the overwhelming emotion he experienced while listening to metal and good music in general; feelings which had stirred in him since he was a kid knelt in front of a record player obsessed with Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold”. Dean took to writing for Australian metal site metalobsession.net, and used his yearlong residency to try develop his writing style.

He subsequently returned to Ireland, and in February 2012, began writing for popmatters.com in an attempt to bring metal to a non-metal audience and increase the metal profile of the cultural magazine. Dean is currently a contributing editor at popmatters.com, and can also be found spreading the good word about metal at a number of other fine establishments including Molten Magazine, soundshock.com and GhostCult webzine.


Dean earned a Post-Graduate Law Degree (LL.B) from the University College Cork, graduating in 2009. He also has a BA in Law and a BA (Hons) in Business and Law from Waterford Institute of Technology.

From Dean Brown:

Metal has been engrained in my soul since I was a kid. It frightened and excited me, and eventually consumed me! During my early teens I set off on a quest to discover everything about metal: devouring album after album as I disappeared through the labyrinth of sub-genres that revealed themselves to me.

Music magazines and books became my bible, and the feeling I got from discovering something new (or old) was indescribable. This unquenchable thirst for metal exploration continues to this day and feeds the fire inside of me. The only difference between now and then is that now I have the opportunity to try convey my enthusiasm for metal through my writing.

Joining About.com Heavy Metal is another significant step in this journey of mine, and I am extremely excited to be a part of their passionate and talented writing staff. Metal is infinite and my love for it is endless!

Go raibh maith agat.

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