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Edward Banchs


Edward Banchs

Edward Banchs

Meet Edward Banchs:

It was love at first listen, no other way around it. Confessing it was a few bands from the hair metal saturated 1980s that introduced him to the genre, Edward Banchs, has, for two-thirds of his life obsessed over heavy metal. Not a day passes where he does not have an ear to the notes that have moved legions of fans worldwide. From the staples of the 80s like Iron Maiden, Anthrax and Metallica through the 90s groove of Sepultura, Helmet, and Pantera to the extreme metal of today, Edward’s taste for metal is as eclectic as his interests and other passions.

Raised in Altoona, Pennsylvania, the instant link was born from his connection to the working class environment that surrounded him. The standard grade school sleepovers at his neighbor’s house became the reasons for his late nights glued to Headbanger’s Ball, tape trading and the walls adorned with pages from metal magazines. His ever-increasing passion for the genre has allowed him to connect with global metal audiences, united by the common language of the genre.

Edward also contributes to the sports blog theopinionation.com, where he writes commentaries on the absurdities and complexities of sports fandom as well as the impact that sport has around the world. He has a keen interest for the African continent, its history, people, and current affairs. He has researched and written on matters of effect in an official capacity through his work at an NGO in Washington D.C. as well at academia.


Edward holds a B.A. in Political Science and minor in Biological Anthropology, as well as a Master of Arts in African Studies from the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies. He has a working knowledge of Swahili and is fluent in Spanish.

From Edward Banchs:

I am a person of passions. I am not casual about my interests, I consume them. Metal is the release and escape I crave, through better and worse. It allows me to be myself. Regardless of our taught beliefs, affiliations, social status, and nationalities, metal brings us together. It has allowed me to be who I really am, thus I am honored to share my love of this misunderstood genre with the rest of the world.

Apart from my writings for theopinionation.com, I am also writing a book about heavy metal in Africa.

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