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Iron Maiden - En Vivo! Review

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


Iron Maiden - En Vivo!

Iron Maiden - En Vivo!

Universal Music
Iron Maiden has released a ton of DVDs over the years, but they are always high quality, and obviously must be selling well or else they wouldn't keep churning them out. En Vivo! is the latest addition to the Maiden live canon.

South America is a great place to film metal concert DVDs, because the fans are so energetic and passionate. En Vivo! was filmed in Santiago, Chile in front of 50,000 adoring fans during the Round The World In 66 Days leg of The Final Frontier World Tour.

The setlist includes classics like “The Trooper,” “2 Minutes To Midnight” and “The Number Of The Beast.” Maiden also mixes in tracks from their latest CD The Final Frontier such as the title track, “Coming Home” and “El Dorado.” It's a good mix between older and newer material, and no matter what the song, the audience sings along to every word.

En Vivo! is flawlessly shot. They used 22 HD cameras along with a flying camera to catch crowd shots. It is very skillfully edited as well, incorporating countless angles with quick, but not seizure-inducing cuts. The audio is also pristine, and if you have a big TV and powerful stereo it's almost like you were there.

There are plenty of bonus features as well. The centerpiece is an hour and a half documentary about the tour. Iron Maiden tours are unlike any other band's, with their own plane and the enormous logistical issues in putting on each show. It is a fascinating look in how a tour of this magnitude is executed. There are a few other extras as well such as the opening video sequence to the tour.

En Vivo! is available in several different packages. In addition to the Blu-ray, a limited edition 2-DVD set in a collectors’ steel book case and double vinyl picture disc can be purchased, as well as a 2-CD soundtrack album, digital download audio album and digital download video.

(released March 27, 2012 on Universal Records)

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