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Best Judas Priest Songs


Judas Priest:  Heavy Metal Painkillers

Judas Priest: Heavy Metal Painkillers

ECW Press
Who better to give us his list than Martin Popoff? He writes for Bravewords.com and has written a ton of metal books, including Judas Priest: Heavy Metal Painkillers.

1. “Delivering The Goods” (Hell Bent For Leather, 1979)
Snarling, combative, classy yet muscular and proud, this anthem is also blessed with what is arguably the band’s best production values of their career, not to mention Halford, indeed, delivering the goods with menace and aplomb.

2. “Burnin’ Up” (Hell Bent For Leather, 1979)
Brave and dripping with panache, this is Priest reinventing the form once again, and then smugly conquering all comers with segues and breaks and effects and guitar heroics that challenge the mind as much as they sucker-punch the gut.

3. “Genocide” (Sad Wings Of Destiny, 1976)
Slicing, malevolent and dark, this underdog holds its own with the three legendary anthems on the album – I kinda like that.

4. “Savage” (Stained Class, 1978)
This has been my fave track on Stained Class since the day it came out, just because of its groove and Sabbatherian heaviness. Halford commands as well, and again, it’s kinda cool that it’s never on the radio nor is it a live staple.

5. “Running Wild” (Hell Bent For Leather, 1979)
Very cool, the way this moved from nimble, scientific Accept-like riffing to cerebral, circuitous guitar volcanics at the braniac level of Sin After Sin and back again.

6. “Electric Eye” (Screaming For Vengeance, 1982)
The locus, nexus, apex and ground zero of the wider, world-beating Priest experience, this song bridges the band’s stripped-down insistence evidenced on the previous three albums to a bright future of hockey barns and primary colors.

7. “Hell Bent For Leather” (Hell Bent For Leather, 1979)
Perfect, tuneful yet smartly appointed speed metal from the Priest album with the mostest. A lot of action packed into a fleeting slice of slightly eye-winked metal heaven.

8. “Dissident Aggressor” (Sin After Sin, 1977)
Crazy, demented writing and subsequent performance (especially from drummer and parachuted-in superhero Simon Phillips), “Dissident Aggressor” is arguably the heaviest Priest song ever – just ask Slayer.

9. “Heading Out To The Highway” (Point Of Entry, 1981
The mature, thoughtful, road-weary ‘n’ wise alternative to “Breaking The Law,” “Heading Out To The Highway” always struck me as the sister city track, as anthemic and passionate, but blessed with more gravitas.

10. “Reckless” (Turbo, 1986)
A dark horse favorite for this writer, “Reckless” contains the blustery, passionate melodies that make Point Of Entry so much fun, housed within a driving cruise of a rocker buried at the end of an album with more than a few of these jubilant party rock moments.

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