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Killswitch Engage - 'Killswitch Engage'

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Killswitch Engage - Killswitch Engage

Killswitch Engage - Killswitch Engage

Roadrunner Records
For their fifth full-length CD, metalcore veterans Killswitch Engage brought in some outside perspective. Guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz has also produced the band’s music over the years, and co-produced Killswitch Engage. Brendan O’Brien was also brought in to produce this one. He’s worked with some big name artists such as Bruce Springsteen, AC/DC, Velvet Revolver and Train. He also produced Mastodon’s latest, Crack The Skye.
Killswitch Engage is a natural progression for the band. While still packing plenty of punch and aggression, their melodic side is even more developed on this CD. “The Return” is a ballad, with almost all clean vocals from Howard Jones. There are a few other songs that are some of the most accessible Killswitch Engage has done.

Tracks like “Light In A Darkened World” are more in the vein of recent Killswitch, with pummeling drums and screaming vocals easing up into memorable riffs and melodic singing. The twin guitars of Dutkiewicz and Joel Stroetzel are excellent throughout, whether it’s dishing out thrashy riffs, harmonies or fills. “Save Me” especially showcases their chops and versatility.

When comes to the influence of O’Brien on the sound of the CD, it’s pretty subtle. It’s not a dramatic shift, just a little more polish in places. Killswitch Engage is the band’s most melodic album to date, but it’s nicely balanced with heaviness and intensity. There’s also a special edition of the CD, which includes an extra studio track, plus three live songs including their version of Dio’s “Holy Diver” and a DVD with a documentary and band interviews.

(released June 30, 2009 on Roadrunner Records)

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