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Kobra And The Lotus - Kobra And The Lotus Review

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Kobra And The Lotus - Kobra And The Lotus

Kobra And The Lotus - Kobra And The Lotus

Universal Records
Kobra and the Lotus’ self-titled album has been out for a while in most parts of the world, and is finally getting a proper American release via Universal. The Canadian band formed back in 2008 and have had a lot of lineup changes. Vocalist Kobra Paige is the remaining founding member, although drummer Lord Griffin Kissick joined shortly after that.

The band’s sound is traditional metal, hearkening back to the days of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. The songs are bombastic and dramatic with plenty of heaviness and ample melody. Kobra and the Lotus kicks off with the upbeat “50 Shades Of Evil,” which has a Dio vibe and immediately showcases Paige’s potent vocals.

Her alto voice has a lot of power, and she sings with passion and expression. The guitar work on the album is also excellent, as Timothy Vega and Jasio Kulakowski infuse elements of thrash and power metal into the mix. They periodically take center stage with flashy solos, but their riffs and fills are the engine that power the songs.

Some songs have more atmosphere than others, with tracks like “Heavens Veins” adding backing choruses and other elements to thicken and vary the sound. Other songs like “My Life” are more straightforward, but still have twists and turns that keep things interesting.

The tempo slows down with “Sanctuary,” which begins as a traditional ballad before amping up the guitars and the speed. “Rest For The Wicked” is one of the best tracks on the album, with crunchy guitars, a memorable chorus and a Middle Eastern twist or two. “Aria Of Karmika,” classically influenced and cinematic song, closes out the proceedings

Currently on tour with Fear Factory, Kobra and the Lotus have garnered a fair amount of buzz, and Kobra and the Lotus shows that buzz is deserved. The songs are well-written, the musicianship excellent and Paige is an extremely charismatic vocalist.

(released April 16, 2013 on Universal Records)

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