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Korpiklaani Profile




Nuclear Blast Records

Band History:

Originally formed as a duo in 1993 and known as Shaman, the Finnish band changed their name to Korpiklaani, which means "Forest Clan." They play folk metal with a distinctive Finnish sound, and a lot of their lyrics are in Finnish as well. Their first CD as Korpiklaani was 2003's Spirit Of The Forest, and they have been very prolific since then, releasing about an album per year.

Current Band Members:

Jonne Järvelä – Vocals/Guitar
Kalle "Cane" Savijärvi – Guitar
Jarkko Aaltonen – Bass
Matti "Matson" Johansson – Drums
Tuomas Rounakari - Violin
Juho Kauppinen – Accordion

Former Band Members:

Jaakko "Hittavainen" Lemmetty – Violin/Jouhikko/Woodwinds (2003-2011)
Teemu Eerola - Violin (2011-2012)
Toni "Honka" Honkanen - Guitar (2003-2005)
Arto Tissari - Bass (2003-2005)
Ali Määttä - Percussion (2003-2005)

Korpiklaani Discography:

2003 Spirit Of The Forest (Napalm)
2005 Voice Of Wilderness (Napalm)
2006 Tales Along This Road (Napalm)
2007 Tervaskanto (Napalm)
2008 Korven Kuningas (Nuclear Blast)
2009 Karkelo (Nuclear Blast)
2011 Ukon Wacka (Nuclear Blast)
2012 Manala (Nuclear Blast)

Essential Album:

Tales Along This Road (2006)
Korpiklaani blends traditional Finnish folk tales and metal riffs. It's a bizarre mix of flutes, accordions, violins and electric guitars, but it works. The lyrics are a combination of English and Finnish, and the songs range from quieter folk influenced tracks to boistrous drinking songs like "Happy Little Boozer." They take elements from Celtic style bands like Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly and The Pogues and add a metal twist.

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