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Kryoburn - 'Three Years Eclipsed'

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Kryoburn - Three Years Eclipsed

Kryoburn - Three Years Eclipsed

Candlelight Records

The Bottom Line

Lame-brain industrial metal that uses a wall of noise as an excuse for overwrought songs and bland clean vocals.


  • Aggression is not hard to come by.
  • A few solid breakdowns that should get the live pits moving.


  • Lifeless clean vocals.
  • Music can't sustain interest for the desired lengths.
  • Muted production tames the guitar and overpowers the drums.


  • Released January 11th, 2011 on Candlelight Records.
  • Kryoburn’s second album.
  • Follow-up to 2005 debut Enigmatic Existence.

Guide Review - Kryoburn - 'Three Years Eclipsed'

It’s the start of a new year, and it didn’t take very long for a mediocre album to come through the pipeline. Kryoburn’s sophomore effort Three Years Eclipsed is a thrashy take on industrial metal, yet can’t avoid the Fear Factory and Strapping Young Lad comparisons. Like those two acts, Kryoburn’s songs operate with limitless aggresion and a soaring, melodic tone. The band is adequate in these two styles, but never launches themselves ahead of the competition.

The whole harsh verses/tuneful chorus song structure has been beaten into a bloody carcass, and Kryoburn seems content to bring nothing to revitalize it from the grave. The album is at its peak when the band drops that outdated approach for something more direct. “Slaughtered With Lies” and “The Sickening” don’t try anything fancy in their blunt-force technique, slamming down chunky riffs and double bass with the speed of a jackhammer. It’s no-frills metal that should appease the majority of metal heads.

Where the disconcerting opinion will be is when the band situates into a melodic groove. The album slows to a halt in these instances, when the Burton C. Bell-reject clean vocals take over and the keys reign prominent. The longer tunes overuse this, stretching things out to unnecessary lengths. “Introspective” almost reaches the seven-minute mark, a feat that is not worth the accomplishment, and “Event Horizon” glides to six minutes in unbearable fashion.

There is a heavy reliance on chugging breakdowns, especially at the end of songs. They are done with flair and a dose of energy, though the ones on “Broken Hero” and “Burning The Doubt” go on for more than a minute. The weak production renders the guitars as an afterthought, save for some lackluster leads that pop in on occasion. The album does highlight the stellar drumming from Chris Huber. Huber takes command of the music, his quick-tempered fills and wild foot work the support beam for the rest of the band to branch off of.

Even Huber’s excellent musicianship can’t save Three Years Eclipsed from being a shadow of its influences. The lack of originality isn’t the main problem; it’s just how honed-in it all sounds. The futuristic synth, the clean/harsh vocal dynamic, the bass drums aligning with the rhythm guitar during the breakdowns; everything that seemed stale a decade ago is still the same way today. Three Years Eclipsed is an easy one to avoid, except for diehard fans and those that drool when the term “industrial metal” is uttered.

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