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Masterplan - 'Time To Be King'

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Masterplan - Time To Be King

Masterplan - Time To Be King

AFM Records
Jorn Lande likes to keep busy. A new CD from his band Jorn is coming out shortly, and he contributed vocals to the latest Avantasia albums. Now, after an absence of a couple years, Lande has rejoined Masterplan for their latest release Time To Be King.

When it comes to power metal, Lande is one of the best vocalists in the business. Of course a vocalist needs good songs to sing, and Masterplan provides them. Roland Grapow (formerly of Helloween) lays down a solid base of riffs and also takes center stage with several guitar solos throughout Time To Be King.

“Fiddle Of Time” gets the album off to a rousing start, traditional power metal flavored with periodic Celtic tinged keyboard parts. “Blow Your Winds” is more moderately paced, with ample melody. Grapow also produced the album, doing a nice job polishing Masterplan's sound without it sounding too clinical or sterile.

Songs like “Lonely Winds Of War” is where Masterplan are at their best. Crunchy guitars, atmospheric keyboards and a lot of dynamics push the limits, stopping just short of being over the top. “The Dark Road” is still bombastic, but slightly more reserved. Lande shows both a subdued, emotional style along with a full-throated power metal croon.

There are a few lulls toward the end of the album, but Time To Be King is strengthened by Lande's return to the band, and is a quality power metal release.

(released May 25, 2010 on AFM Records)

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