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Morbid Angel - 'Blessed Are The Sick'

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Morbid Angel - Blessed Are The Sick

Morbid Angel - Blessed Are The Sick

Earache Records
Morbid Angel are one of the pioneers of American death metal. They were part of the Florida scene that helped launch the genre. Their 1989 debut Altars Of Madness was a seminal release, but 1991's Blessed Are The Sick took them to an even higher level. That classic album is being re-released, and also includes a bonus DVD.

Blessed Are The Sickchurns along at a generally moderate tempo, but with crushingly heavy riffs. Guitarist Trey Azagthoth's wizardry is well-established, and on full display here, but second guitarist Richard Brunelle also deserves credit for the outstanding axework found on the album.

In addition to the band's technical chops, Morbid Angel writes some very catchy songs. Extremity is tempered by melody, and there are also several instrumental interludes that are on the mellower side, such as the ominous “Doomsday Celebration” and the acoustic “Desolate Ways.”

Morbid Angel wasn't afraid to try different styles and approaches, which helped move the genre forward. Blessed Are The Sick is packed with standout songs, such as the slightly doomy “Fall From Grace” and the frantic “Unholy Blasphemies.”

If you're a death metal fan and don't own Blessed Are The Sick, this reissue is well worth adding to your collection. And even if you do have the original, this version is desirable because of the additional DVD material. It includes an hour long newly filmed documentary about the recording and release of the album along with the video for the title track.

(released November 24, 2009 on Earache Records)

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