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Minsk - 'With Echoes In The Movement Of Stone'

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Minsk - With Echoes In The Movement Of Stone

Minsk - With Echoes In The Movement Of Stone

Relapse Records

The Bottom Line

Minsk offers a dark, stunning and atmospheric example of cerebral art/post-metal.
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  • Epically intricate songs.
  • A richly layered and organic collection of music that creates a vast soundscape.


  • Longer songs which take a dedicated attention span.
  • Throaty vocals can distract from the melodic elements of the band.


  • Released May 26th 2009 on Relapse Records.
  • Produced by bassist Stanford Parker.
  • This is Minsk's third full-length studio CD.

Guide Review - Minsk - 'With Echoes In The Movement Of Stone'

Sanford Parker is known from eliciting some of mankind’s murkiest tones from those who enter his laboratory at Volume Studios. All the hours Parker has spent twiddling knobs for the likes of Pelican, Samothrace, Rwake and Yakuza (just to name a few) have allowed him to explore every sludgy, melodic and doom-laden corner of sonic post-apocalyptica. It’s through these travels that he and the rest of Minsk have been able to chart the previously unexplored territory that is With Echoes In The Movement Of Stone.

A psychedelic, and often times haunting, examination of the expansive world of post-metal, With Echoes In The Movement Of Stones is a dynamic, shape-shifting beast that takes the form of a swaying ghost-like figure one minute before swelling into some sort of stone-crushing giant the next. Whether the tones produced by the band dance hypnotically or lay waste to whatever stands in the way, the end result is unmistakably Minsk.

Spawned from the same primordial ooze that gave birth to Neurosis’ Through Silver And Blood, this is an album filled with a mixture of exotic and pummeling guitars, tribal drums and melancholic vocals that sing the praises of isolation. Guitarist Christopher Bennett brings an arsenal of melodic beauty, cerebral heaviness and boundless experimentation that swirls around Parker’s rumbling bass and the organically complex percussion of Tony Wyioming. Avoiding the traditional role of a keyboardist, Timothy Mead adds layers of other-worldly sounds that give the overall production a bone-chilling aura.

Minsk’s wandering and lawless brand of songwriting will surely leave those who need the almighty ‘hook’ lost in the desert, but those who thrive upon the art of depression will feel right at home. Through Silver And Blood is a stunning and mind-altering release.

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