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Mushroomhead - 'Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children'

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Mushroomhead - Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children

Mushroomhead - Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children

Megaforce Records

The Bottom Line

Cleveland’s alternametalers are back with their most creative endeavor yet.
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  • Dual singers.
  • Great choruses.
  • Use of children's voices go along with the theme of the album.


  • Some songs overstay their welcome.


  • Released September 28, 2010 on Megaforce Records.
  • It’s the band’s seventh release.
  • Produced by drummer Steve “Skinny” Felton.

Guide Review - Mushroomhead - 'Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children'

An unofficial feud has existed for years between Slipknot and Mushroomhead fans. Some musically uninformed fans have stated that Mushroomhead is just a Slipknot rip-off. Which, of course, they are not. Mushroomhead have a totally different musical style, in addition to their costumes.

They also have a distinctive and recognizable sound. Their huge local following was present long before Slipknot broke through commercially. In fact, Mushroomhead formed in 1993, where as Slipknot formed in 1995. The so-called feud is insubstantial as far as Mushroomhead and Slipknot are concerned.

With the success of 2006s Saviour Sorrow, Mushroomhead really established themselves as far away from the genre pack as possible. Before the release of said album, the band lost their record label, a singer and their management company, but persevered and came back even stronger.

On their latest release, the band leans toward a more metal approach. The song structures are more guitar driven than previous efforts. It’s more metal than alternative. However, they don’t abandon the elements that they are already known for. Their Faith No More-ish musical persona mixed with alternative and industrial overtones continues with Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children. I’ve always thought singer Waylon’s twisted Mike Patton-like similarities give Mushroomhead its character.

The first single and CD opener “Come On” is full of punchy riffs, double bass pounding, gang vocals and a very catchy chorus. It’s so catchy, you’ll find yourself chanting their profanity-laced mantra throughout the day. A heavy syncopated percussion intro opens “Harvest The Garden,” then the rest of the band churn out some groove rock riffs. “Burning Bridges,” with its rather humorous beginning, is a full-on thrash attack with aggressive vocals and some well-placed keyboards.

If you liked Mushroomhead’s previous releases, I am pretty sure you will like this output. Fans of both Slipknot and Mushroomhead should find Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children appealing.

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