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Nachtmystium - 'Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. 2'

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


Nachtmystium - Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. 2

Nachtmystium - Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. 2

Century Media Records

The Bottom Line

Contender for best album of the year.


  • Effortlessly blends black metal with disparate styles of music.
  • The best solos and guitar work yet on a Nachtmystium album.
  • Risk-taking pays off with genuinely moving songs.


  • Not as cohesive of a statement as 'Assassins.'


  • Released June 8, 2010  on Century Media Records.
  • Nachtmystium was formed as a side project in 2000.
  • Produced by Sanford Parker (The Gates of Slumber, Unearthly Trance, Yakuza).

Guide Review - Nachtmystium - 'Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. 2'

Nachtmystium’s track record during the past five years is remarkable. Assassins: Black Meddle Part 1 was one of the best metal albums recorded in 2007. When the reigning metal nerds compile their best-of lists in six months Addicts: Black Meddle Part 2 will be deemed one of the best records this year.

Addicts is a brave and passionate album that will have its detractors much like its predecessor. But anyone who gives this album an honest listen would have a hard time disputing that it is startling and original.

Much of the credit again rests with frontman Blake Judd. His devil-may-care attitude is the reason Nachtmystium continues to release such ambitious music. He shuffles studio musicians for each record to get an influx of news ideas and sounds (Addicts features Wrest of Leviathan of drums). He mines his black metal roots for a loose template. And then he lets his creativity go into overdrive.

Addicts is not as cohesive as Assassins, which rightly earned the title “psychedelic black metal.” Instead, it is reminiscent of Celtic Frost’s Into The Pandemonium, which was scattershot but nonetheless brilliant. Tom Warrior dropped a cover of “Mexican Radio” on his listeners and Judd coyly introduces a metal listenership to industrial and Goth.

Judd rolls the dice on each song and lets the musical jukebox in his head take listeners to unexpected places; “Nightfall” is close to radio friendly, yet rooted with a catch 80s metal groove; “No Funeral” pays homage to his early love of Nine Inch Nails and industrial music and “Blood Trance Funeral”  is a classic black metal track (outside of the lyrics) with hints of a Moog synthesizer.

“High On Hate” shows that Judd and co. haven’t been listening to so much Joy Division that they’ve lost their edge. The guitar playing and solos on this album are inventive  and gripping, and Wrest adds an uncanny groove considering his solo musical output.

Few revolutionary things in music are greeted with open arms. Never mind the naysayers:  Addicts: Black Meddle Part 2 is one of the best metal albums this year from a band that has few creative peers.

Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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