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Necrovation - Necrovation Review

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Necrovation - Necrovation

Necrovation - Necrovation

Agonia Records
One of the major bands of the Swedish OSDM revival, Necrovation could almost be considered grizzled veterans of the scene. The band’s first full-length, 2008’s Breed Deadness Blood, is a definitive stab at bringing back the glory days of plain, down n’ dirty, old school death metal.

A menacing sound, thundering riffs, growled vocals, and a powerful production went a long way towards re-establishing the genre and removing death metal from the overly saturated technical scene; Necrovation helped kick start renewed interest in straightforward death metal.

As you might guess, the band’s new, self titled full-length is highly anticipated, as the OSDM revival continues to roar along. Immediately noticeable, though, is a change in Necrovation’s style. Rather than just barrel along with straightforward death metal, they clean up their sound and add a great deal of quirkiness.

The production on Necrovation is cleaner, with the result being a marked decrease in menace, although a certain slimy miasma still shines through. The quirkiness appears with weird moments involving jarring time changes sort of similar to what you might expect from Immolation, but without the crisp, tight musicianship.

Obviously, Necrovation have opted to experiment a bit on this album. The grittiness still finds its way through in the music, but the album’s experimentation falls flat with a few weird, off kilter moments that seem to trail off and simply do not work, at least for this listener. Attempts at acoustic passages and quirky moments aren’t really backed up by the requisite songwriting or the necessary musicianship, resulting in an album that feels schizophrenic.

Although there are plenty of good moments, the less than stellar musicianship does not lend itself towards what Necrovation appear to be doing on this album; that is, add an air of progressive overtones to what was originally straightforward death metal. I also suspect that this album is one that you should like based upon the promotion that I’ve seen, but, frankly, the excitement is a bit misplaced.

(released August 14, 2012 on Agonia Records)

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