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Neurosis - Honor Found In Decay Review

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Neurosis - Honor Found In Decay

Neurosis - Honor Found In Decay

Neurot Recordings
What sets Neurosis apart from their peers is their ability to carefully take the listener on a journey record after record, one that suspends time and thought, and allows for emotions to fully dictate the mood of their music. The tenth record from the venerated Oakland, California act, Honor Found In Decay is perhaps the most impressive step in their evolution.

Every track is an exercise in the absorbing of notes, from the heavily groove influenced opening “We All Rage In Gold” to its sullen closer “Raise The Dawn.” Nothing on this record will disappoint the long time listener.

The band breaks away from the tradition of referring to tracks as songs, and call them what they are to Neurosis, movements. Seven such movements compose Honor Found In Decay. One movement on this record that stands out beyond any other is “My Heart For Deliverance.” The essence of what Honor Found In Decay is, trapped in a straight forward attack, the rhythms, the vocals and the feel of the song work perfectly at building a subtle tension, only to release it the way Neurosis knows how to.

With an explosion of the perfect melody, eerie, dark, and melancholy, yet soothing and satisfying, behind the tastefully placed layers of keys, samples, and careful instrumentation. This track soars in only the way Neurosis knows how to construct a movement – brilliantly.

New listeners will have to understand that, much like their previous records, Honor Found In Decay, requires multiple listens to understand what is taking place. The band has never been one for the formatted three or four minute long songs that end up repeating themselves.

What this record does, much like their catalog, is move beyond the tradition of structure and more to the realms of fluidity. Neurosis is a band that takes time to absorb. Honor Found In Decay, is an impressive place to begin for any newcomer. Long time fans will understand right away, that this album is perhaps the album that we have been expecting for quite a long time now.

Honest, scarred, and beaten in its approach, the sincerity of Neurosis’ movements are apparent and appreciated with Honor Found In Decay. Never has this band been so foremost and honest in their delivery and execution.

(released October 30, 2012 on Neurot Recordings)

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