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Olde Growth - Olde Growth

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Olde Growth - Olde Growth

Olde Growth - Olde Growth

Meteor City Records
Arising from the bitter depths of Boston, Massachusetts, the hard rockin’ sludge combo known as Olde Growth have officially burst onto the scene, armed to the teeth with an impressed arsenal of riffs.

Although Olde Growth are comprised solely of bassist/vocalist Stephen Loverme and drummer Ryan Berry, the attitude and amp-titude with which they attack their doomy tune-age is measurable by the clear amount of joy and fun the band seem to be having along the way,

Freshly signed to stoner label haven Meteor City, Olde Growth’s self-titled debut is something which successfully straddles the stylistics of two worlds; combining the dirge-like heaviness of sludge with a more up-tempo, stoner rock-styled groove. The end results of this mayhemic marriage are somewhat akin to a less pretentious OM, or a more unique version of Black Cobra.

While I wouldn’t refer to Olde Growth as the most sincere of doomsters—at least not with a capital ‘D,” as this LP strays pretty far from the genre’s traditional ideas—their racket is loud and explosive enough to make their audience able to ignore, for the time being at least, the pervasive hipster smell which lurks behind every bong hit…

(released May 10, 2011 on Meteor City Records)

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