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Maria Brink Photo

Picture of the In This Moment Vocalist


In This Moment

Maria Brink

Century Media Records
Maria Brink is the vocalist for In This Moment. She was also named the Hottest Chick In Metal at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards in 2010. In This Moment was formed in Los Angeles in 2005. Their debut CD Beautiful Tragedy was released in 2006. It was metalcore, with Brink doing a lot of screaming vocals and some melodic singing.

2008's The Dream found In This Moment moving in a rock direction. Brink did a lot of melodic singing with only a little screaming, and the songs were very accessible.

2010's A Star Crossed Wasteland saw the return of some of the intensity of their first album, but with plenty of melodic singing and catchy hooks. In This Moment has been on some very high profile tours, including Ozzfest, Warped and Mayhem.

I've interviewed Brink a couple of times, and asked her about the difference between U.S. and European fans:

"Europe has great crowds, too. They have a great time. I definitely noticed a difference with the pit. They don’t really beat each other up there and try to punch each other in the face. They usually do circle pits and just push each other, versus the U.S. where you see more people just destroying each other in the pit. In Europe they are having more of a good time and doing circle pits. In the United States they are beating each other up more."

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