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Powerwolf - Blood Of The Saints Review

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Powerwolf - Blood Of The Saints

Powerwolf - Blood Of The Saints

Metal Blade Records
Romanian/German power metal band Powerwolf continue their undisputed reign as the masters of werewolf-themed, biblically-inspired power metal with Blood Of The Saints. They take their aesthetic very seriously. From the lyrics, to Falk Maria Schlegel’s cathedral-inspired organ passages to the tasteful incorporation of actual wolf howls into the lyrics, Powerful are entirely devoted to their set of fictional rules. The result is a near-perfect suspension of disbelief that allows the listener to submerge themselves completely into this immensely satisfying album.

The great strength of power metal as a genre, a strength that Powerful excel at, is the sheer catchiness of the songs. Dripping with hooks and profoundly memorably, hum-able melodies, Blood Of The Saints is born and bred to get inside your head. “We Drink Your Blood” is an infectious anthem that’s guaranteed to have you singing it in the shower.

“Die, Die, Crucified” has been engineered to make it physically impossible not to pump your fist along to the chorus. Powerwolf construct albums that are like musical potato chips: addictive to the point that you have to be physically separated from them, lest your level of consumption becomes unhealthy.

Narratively, Powerwolf have found what works for them and they’re sticking to it. Like its predecessor, Bible of the Beast, Blood Of The Saints combines a biblical lexicon with werewolf mythology. The lyrics take the form of twisted little stories that are part liturgical texts, part bloody fairytales. These resulting songs are designed to exsanguinate as much as entertain.

Powerwolf have recently been praised for their great live performances, and after listening to Blood Of The Saints a disturbing number of times, I look forward to the chance to howl along. Until then, I’ve no doubt that the apparently endless replay value of this album will keep me entertained.

(released August 2, 2011 on Metal Blade Records)

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