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Rage - 'Strings To A Web'

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Rage - Strings To A Web

Rage - Strings To A Web

Sonic Unyon Records

The Bottom Line

Dependable German metal.


  • Insanely catchy songs.
  • Peavey Wagner's voice is still top notch.
  • Tried 'n true German power/speed metal.


  • Still very much a European phenomenon.
  • A singles band; not so much an 'album' band.


  • Released June 22, 2010 on Sonic Unyon Records.
  • This is Rage’s eighteen album.
  • Released on Nuclear Blast in Europe.

Guide Review - Rage - 'Strings To A Web'

Though Germany’s Rage remain one of Germany’s unsung kings of melodic metal, their brand of no-frills-based, classically influenced power thrash has never quite caught on here in the States. While such standout Rage efforts as 1988’s Perfect Man and it’s ’89 follow-up Secrets in a Weird World are practically metal textbooks in their awesomeness—blatantly detailing how to write catchy, well defined speed metal—the band has yet to unleash a record which truly speaks North America’s language.

Hopefully the band’s eighteenth LP is going to do the trick, even though Rage’s track record has been undeniably dependable for over twenty years. Strings To A Web possesses all of the classic trademarks which have made Rage one of Euro-metal’s household names since their 1986 formation: majestic, memorable choruses—courtesy of bassist Peavey Wagner’s melodious voice—smooth, fluid guitar lines and quick, up-tempo drumming...all of which should be a power/speed metal fanatic’s wet dream.

Every Rage album possesses a couple of true standouts, (see “From the Cradle to the Grave” from 1998’s XIII or “Down” from 2002’s Unity), and “The Beggar’s Last Dime” is a Strings to a Web highlight, for sure; an exemplary song which captures Rage at their infectious best, while even giving Wagner time for a nice bass solo, to boot.

Other tracks, such as “Empty Hollow”, prove that the bassist’s voice is in fine shape after all these years, as well, while guitarist Victor Smolski is full of class and ability; the perfect foil for Rage’s lovably Teutonic heavy metal mania.

So what’s the final analysis? Well, Strings To A Web is yet another solid effort from a band known for solid efforts. Will it will be enough for Rage to break through a bit more in the States? Maybe…but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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