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Green Carnation - The Acoustic Verses

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Green Carnation - The Acoustic Verses
The End Records

The Bottom Line

A very well done acoustic album that shows the softer side of Green Carnation.
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  • Great musicianship.
  • Instruments you usually don't hear in metal.
  • A big risk that pays off.


  • Some metalheads might consider it too mellow.


  • Released in North American on January 24, 2006 on The End Records.
  • Some instruments used include piano, mellotron, ebow, cello and violin.
  • Green Carnation has been around since 1990.
  • The Norweigan band is made up of 7 members.

Guide Review - Green Carnation - The Acoustic Verses

Green Carnation were founded by guitarist Tchort (Emperor, Carpathian Forest, Satyricon) and have been classified as a progressive or avant garde metal band. Their latest album is a definite departure for the group.

As you can gather from the title, this is an acoustic album. If you weren't aware of their past you'd think Green Carnation was a folk group from listening to this album. And that is quite an accomplishment. It takes a lot of talent to pull off an acoustic album. Everything is completely exposed. On a regular album you can cover up a lot of flaws with a wall of guitars or pounding drums, but not in this situation.

The songs are generally very mellow with a lot of strings mixed in with the acoustic guitars. There are a few moments of intensity, but for the most part it's pretty laid back. Acoustic progressive would be a good description of the album, and if you listen with an open mind can appreciate the skill it took to make this record.

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