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Hacavitz - Venganza

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Hacavitz - Venganza
Moribund Cult

The Bottom Line

Brutal death metal and grindcore with black metal influences.
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  • Nice blend of death, grind and black metal.


  • Fast parts of the songs sound similar.


  • Released in North American on January 31, 2006 on Moribund Cult Records.
  • Album recorded at Inzonik Studios with producer Carlos Padilla.
  • This is the Mexican band's full-length debut.

Guide Review - Hacavitz - Venganza

The term "blackened death metal" sounds like something you'd order at a cafe in hell, but of course it refers to death metal with black metal influences. That's exactly what the Mexican band Hacavitz serves up on their debut album, along with a heaping side order of grindcore.

The blast beats are flying at warp speed as the riffs crash against the vocals that sound like they are delivered by someone who gargled with razor blades. Just when you think things are getting out of control Hacavitz pulls back the tempo for a little bit before unleashing another barrage.

They do a good job of changing up tempos, but the fast part of the songs all sound pretty similar. Even so, it's still an impressive debut. It has the intensity and brutality of death metal and grindcore, but also some of the atmospherics and vocal stylings of black metal.

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