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Shadows Fall - The Art Of Touring DVD

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Shadows Fall - The Art Of Touring DVD

The Bottom Line

Shadows Fall is one of the biggest metal bands today, selling nearly 250,000 copies of their last album, The War Within. This DVD was filmed prior to that and although the audio and video quality sometimes isn't the best, the band's skill and passion comes through.
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  • Plenty of material
  • Bonus videos


  • Marginal audio and video quality
  • 5.1 audio not available


  • Shadows Fall's last album, The War Within, debuted at number 20 on the Billboard Top 200 chart.
  • Shadows Fall were named a "band to watch" in 2005 by Rolling Stone and Spin.
  • Footage for this DVD was filmed in the US, Japan and Europe.

Guide Review - Shadows Fall - The Art Of Touring DVD

The material on this DVD was filmed during the touring cycle for The Art Of Balance in 2002-2004. So if you're expecting songs from 2004's The War Within, you'll be disappointed. There is a ton of material here, with the DVD clocking in at over two hours. The concert footage is purposely raw, both the audio and video. It can sometimes be a bit distracting. In addition to their own songs, Shadows Fall covers Dangerous Toys' "Teasin' Pleasin'" and Motley Crue's "Live Wire." There's also a tribute to Dimebag Darrell Abbott.

The bonus material includes 6 music videos and behind the scenes footage of the band on the road.

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