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Soilwork - 'The Panic Broadcast'

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Soilwork - The Panic Broadcast

Soilwork - The Panic Broadcast

Nuclear Blast Records
Every review you'll read of The Panic Broadcast will mention a significant lineup change for Soilwork. Of course I'm talking about the addition of rhythm guitarist Sylvain Coudret. Oh yeah, Peter Wichers is back, too. The founding guitarist also produces this CD.

“Late For The Kill, Early For The Slaughter” storms out of the gates at warp speed with galloping riffs and blast beats, but also has some nice grooves and a catchy chorus. “Two Lives Worth Of Reckoning” is more in the usual melodic death metal template, featuring a few more singing vocals from Bjorn “Speed” Strid.

Most songs have a pretty even distribution of singing and screaming, which Strid does equally well. More intense tracks like “King Of The Threshold” emphasize the harsh vocals, while “Epitome” is mostly melodic singing. He's a versatile singer, which increases the number of musical directions the band can pursue, and makes things more diverse.

Wicher's return makes a difference, both in songwriting and in the guitar work. The Panic Broadcast has several excellent solos and is jam packed with clever riffs. His production is also very polished, making Soilwork as accessible as they've ever been.

Soilwork's sound has evolved over the years, and there are some fans who prefer the rougher edges of their early material, but the band's musicianship and songwriting ability has steadily improved. That results in much more memorable and catchy songs, and still plenty of intensity. The Panic Broadcast seamlessly meshes the two,resulting in a well-crafted album.

(released July 13, 2010 on Nuclear Blast Records)

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