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Solution .45 - 'For Aeons Past'

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Solution .45 - For Aeons Past

Solution .45 - For Aeons Past

AFM Records

The Bottom Line

Another side project from former Scar Symmetry vocalist Christian Älvestam that continues in the vein of solid melodic death metal.
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  • Christian Alvestam's top-notch vocals.
  • Keyboard work adds the perfect amount of atmosphere.
  • Band sounds tight as a collective unit.


  • Formulaic melodic death metal.
  • Epic closer doesn't deliver on its ambitious goals.


  • Released May 11, 2010 on AFM Records.
  • Solution .45’s debut album.
  • Features lyrics and backing vocals by Dark Tranquillity’s Mikael Stanne

Guide Review - Solution .45 - 'For Aeons Past'

Christian Älvestam has been a busy man since he left Scar Symmetry in late 2008. He is involved in no less than four bands, including Miseration and The Few Against Many. Solution .45 is comprised of members from both of those bands, including a keyboardist for power metal-ish synth and piano effects. For Aeons Past is melodic death metal that sounds eerily similar to Scar Symmetry in tone and style, making for a debut that could be mistaken for lost recordings from Älvestam’s past.

Like all of his previous outputs, Älvestam is the star attraction. His harsh barks and clean croons stood out in Scar Symmetry, and Solution .45 is no different. His seamless transition between the two makes for plenty of entertaining contrasts, as Älvestam makes sure that the listener doesn’t get attached to one style for too long.

The poignant ballad “Lethean Tears” is the only track with entirely clean vocals, while “Into Shadow” crescendos from soothing vocals to a wall of passionate screams repeating “Why won’t you please forgive me?”

Solution .45 sticks to an aggressive approach for much of the album. “Bladed Vaults” and “On Embered Fields Adust” are bursts of sinister energy torn between melodic choruses and heavy-as-iron verses. With the band members being involved in other projects together, they sound tight as a unit, from the duel lead guitar work to the subtle keyboard noises in the background.

Closer “Clandestinity Now” takes the epic-for-epic’s-sake approach that seems to be a growing trend in metal today. Clocking in at a whopping 16 minutes, the track goes through several movements of calming harmonies and speedy riffing. There are some strong sections, including a lush breakdown of acoustic guitars and soft piano, but there isn’t anything to warrant repeated listens. It results in a track that doesn’t have to be turned off from boredom, but isn’t worth skipping to the end of the album for.

For Aeons Past is a by-the-books melodic death metal album that knows what it does best and delivers on it. People who have been following all of Älvestam’s projects since day one won’t be surprised by the album, but those that wondered what ever happened to the lead singer of Scar Symmetry should seek out For Aeons Past.

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