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Shadows Fall Profile


Shadows Fall

Shadows Fall

Century Media Records

Shadows Fall:

Shadows Fall is a thrash/metalcore band from Springfield, Massachusetts that formed in 1995. The band has had great success in their career, with the 2004 album The War Within debuting at number 20 on the Billboard and the song “Redemption” from Threads Of Life being nominated for a Grammy Award in 2008.

Early Days:

Shadows Fall started out as a melodic death metal band, mostly due to the harsh vocals of Phil Labonte. After the release of their debut album Somber Eyes To The Sky, Labonte left the band, later forming All That Remains. Brian Fair took Labonte’s place, with the 2000 album Of One Blood being his first studio album with Shadows Fall.

Mainstream Success:

The Art Of Balance was the first taste of success that Shadows Fall experienced, with music videos created for singles “Thoughts Without Words,” “Destroyer Of Senses,” and “The Idiot Box.” The band’s third album The War Within would land the band on the Billboard charts. It also attracted the attention of major label Atlantic Records, which would eventually sign Shadows Fall to the label. The band’s first album with Atlantic was Threads Of Life, featuring single “Redemption.” They then formed their own label to release 2009's Retribution.

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Current Shadows Fall Band Members:

Brian Fair - Vocals (Overcast)
Matthew Bachand - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jonathan Donais - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Paul Romanko - Bass
Jason Bittner - Drums (Burning Human)

Former Band Members:

Phil Labonte - Vocals (1995-1999)
David Germain - Drums (1995-2000)

Shadows Fall Discography:

1997 Somber Eyes To The Sky (Lifeless)
2000 Of One Blood (Century Media)
2002 The Art Of Balance (Century Media)
2004 The War Within (Century Media)
2006 Fallout From The War (Century Media)
2007 Threads Of Life (Atlantic)
2009 Retribution (Everblack)
2012 Fire From The Sky (Razor & Tie)

Recommended Shadows Fall CD:

The Art Of Balance
Shadows Fall’s third album was a step forward both musically and lyrically. The band was tighter in every aspect, especially in the songwriting department. The Art Of Balance has everything a metal album needs; the short, heavy numbers (“Destroyer Of Senses,” “Idle Hands”), the melodic, upbeat tracks (the title track, “Casting Shade,” “Prelude To Disaster”) and the epic monster (“A Fire In Babylon”). Add in a respectable cover of the Pink Floyd classic, “Welcome To The Machine,” and The Art Of Balance is the high-point of the band’s career to date.

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