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Tankard - 'Thirst'

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Tankard - Thirst

Tankard - Thirst

AFM Records
German party thrashers Tankard have been together for a quarter century now, and their latest studio CD Thirst is their thirteenth. If you're not familiar with the band's lyrical themes, it's all about the booze. Some of their album titles are Kings Of Beer, Beasts Of Bourbon and The Beauty The Beer.

Thirst gets off to a surprising start with "Octane Warriors," a thoughtful political song about energy wars and oil. But just as you think Tankard is on the wagon, they break out the drinking songs like "Stay Thirsty."

Tankard plays rock solid European thrash with blazing riffs, frequent guitar solos and thundering drums. Songs like "Echoes Of Fear" have an old school vibe, heavy guitars and good hooks. Most of the songs on Thirst are uptempo, but Tankard changes things up from time to time. "When Daddy Comes To Play" has mid-tempo grooves, fast and intense thrash, and even a couple of brief slow parts.

Andreas Geremia is Tankard's vocalist, and he doesn't really sing. Instead, he talks, yells, screams in a variety of pitches and intensities. It's an effective style that adds to the old school feel of the songs.

For a band that's been around so long, Tankard has never had a very high profile, at least in North America. If you're a thrash metal fan and they've slipped under your radar, Thirst is well worth checking out.

(released June 2, 2009 on AFM Records)

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