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Trivium Profile




Roadrunner Records


Florida quintet Trivium is a band that has its fair share of distracters, yet has persevered past the criticisms to become one of the most notable modern metal bands. While starting off as a metalcore band, Trivium eventually added in thrash influences with The Crusade.

Early Days:

Trivium formed in 2000, with Matt Heafy joining the group after the rest of the band saw him perform at a high school talent show. After releasing a self-titled EP, the band signed with Lifeforce Records and recorded their 2003 debut album Ember To Inferno. Heafy was only 17 years old at the time of the recording.

Switching Record Labels:

Trivium would gain a lot of attention with their debut album, eventually leaving Lifeforce and signing a deal with Roadrunner Records. Their first album with the label, Ascendancy, was the band’s first big success, with single “Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr” receiving a fair amount of airplay.

Shifting Sound:

With Trivium’s third album, 2006’s The Crusade, the band dropped any trace of harsh vocals and went in a thrash metal direction. Fans were mixed on their new sound, but critics reacted positively. Trivium brought back harsh vocals on their 2008 album Shogun, which saw a major progression in sound that showcased Trivium crafting their own identity.

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Current Trivium Band Members:

Matt Heafy - Vocals, Guitar (Capharnaum)
Corey Beaulieu - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Paolo Gregoletto - Bass, Backing Vocals

Former Band Members:

Brad Lewter - Vocals (2000)
Brent Young - Bass (2001-2004)
Travis Smith - Drums (2000-2010)
Nick Augusto - Drums (2009-2014)

Trivium Discography:

2003 Ember To Inferno (Lifeforce)
2005 Ascendancy (Roadrunner)
2006 The Crusade (Roadrunner)
2008 Shogun (Roadrunner)
2011 In Waves (Roadrunner)
2013 Vengeance Falls (Roadrunner)

Recommended Trivium CD:

Trivium’s fourth album is their strongest one yet, with the band finding a perfect balance between their previous two albums, Ascendancy and The Crusade. With Shogun, Trivium silenced many distracters with a consistent album from top-to-bottom. Highlights include opening track “Kirisute Gomen,” the catchy “Throes Of Perdition” and the spectacular title track, which is the band’s longest song to date.

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