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Void Moon - On The Blackest Of Nights Review

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Void Moon - On The Blackest Of Nights

Void Moon - On The Blackest Of Nights

Cruz del Sur Music
When the moon is void of course, it is in a liminal space, transitioning from the major aspect of one astrological sign to the next but belonging to neither. On very rare occasions, the moon will pass through an entire sign without encountering another aspect or planet, and this is known as a void moon.

Astrologers say that this is often a “lost” time when it becomes harder to trust our feelings and intuitions, make decisions, and stay focused. This state of in-between can sometimes be a welcome respite, or may also represent an uncanny paralysis.

Swedish doom metallers Void Moon conjure this sense of restless suspension on their debut full-length On The Blackest of Nights. Composed of tracks drawn from their two demos (re-recorded) as well an a healthy slice of all new material, this record is both a thoughtful and weighty beginning, another dark spot of staining melancholy in a year already blackened by a host of stellar doom metal releases.

A key element to Void Moon's sound is the deep, prominent bass lines. At times the shuddering twangs seem to echo the huge heartbeat or stentorian breathing of a colossus; at other times, the bass evokes the writhing itchiness of a kind of frustrated anguish.

The cornerstone of their sound, however, is certainly Jonas Gustavsson's vocals. Powerful and emotive, he also displays chameleon-like range, able to convey the eerie, stalking ominousness of “Among The Dying” and the heart-rending intensity of “Cyclops” with equal skill.

With swelling, emotive melodies and song structures that unfurl like a dour night blossom, On The Blackest Nights is a solid and impressive debut. Void Moon should be proud of their first offering and have proven that they deserve a place in a doom metal scene already brimming with heavy weights.

(released November 6, 2012 on Cruz del Sur Music)

Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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