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Way To End - 'Desecrated Internal Journey'

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Way To End - Desecrated Internal Journey

Way To End - Desecrated Internal Journey

Debemur Morti

The Bottom Line

Strong opening effort from yet another interesting French black metal band.


  • Guitar work is often stunning and beautiful.
  • Rich, multifaceted vocals.


  • Experimentation occasionally yields uneven results.


  • Released October 20, 2009 by Debemur Morti Productions.
  • This is their debut CD.
  • Way To End is from Normandie, France.

Guide Review - Way To End - 'Desecrated Internal Journey'

Musical experimentation, especially in black metal, has two outcomes. Either you’re criticized for straying from purist roots or you're hailed for pushing music forward. Although there are a few hiccups, Way To End’s Desecrated Internal Journey is an album that pushes things way forward. They offer another take on black metal from a country (France) which is fast becoming the capital for black metal if it isn’t already.  Is Paris the new Bergen?

The atonal piano chords that pepper opener “Facing The Abyss” hint that we’re in for more than traditional song structures here. “A Step Into The Void” unfolds like a jazz fusion/classical music experiment but the riffs keep the song intact. Hazard’s vocals touch numerous styles and his actual singing voice – on display several times – is majestic.

The guitar playing, shifting between twisted black metal riffs and mellow acoustic strumming, effortlessly shifts styles. Some guitar sections wouldn’t seem out of place on a Joe Satriani album and others are influenced by Emperor.  Way To End even has the skills and gumption to end a black metal album on an acoustic song. It’s a gamble but it sounds rich and sophisticated and caps a compelling journey.

The experiments on Desecrated Internal Journey don’t always work, and sometimes the sound is uneven. But the result is nonetheless interesting, even when the band isn’t as tight as they should be or let theatrics get in the way of songs. Way To End is a band with a distinct voice. Along with countrymates Hyadningar, they could be among the next big names lobbed about when black metal is discussed. This is a hell of a way to make a first impression.

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