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Readers Respond: Best Megadeth Albums

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From the article: Best Megadeth Albums
Thrash metal titans Megadeth have recorded a lot of albums over the years. You've seen our list of their best. What would be your choices?

best megadeth albums

endgame, youthanasia, countdown to extincttion, so far..so good..so what, rust in peace
—Guest jorge garcia



Best Megadeth Albums

1-Youthanasia 2-Countdown to Extinction 3-Cryptic Writings 4-Rust in Peace 5-Thirteen 6-Peace Sells 7-Risk 8-The System Has Failed 9-Endgame 10-United Abominations 11-So Far So Good So What 12-Killing is My Business 13-The World Needs a Hero
—Guest 11razorwire

Tough Call

Best Megadeth Albums 1. Rust in Peace 2. Peace Sells 3. Countdown to Extinction 4. Youthanasia 5. Endgame 6. United Abominations 7. Thirteen 8. Cyrptic Writings 9. So Far So Good So What 10. Killing is My Business 11. The System Had Failed 12. The World Needs a Hero 13. Risk
—Guest MegadethManUnited

Best Megadeth albums

The people on this board know whats up: Rust in Peace is the best, hands down. Buy that now.
—Guest Equity

the best of the best

i think that the best is rust in peace endgame peace sells but who's buying and youthanasia and the best is just the greatest hits album back to the start
—Guest mustaine

5 best megadeth albums

from worst to last: 5) So far, So Good... So what 4) TH1RT3EN 3)Countdown to extinction, 2) Endgame, 1)Rust in Peace
—Guest mega-fan


1. rust in peace 2 countdown to extinction 3 peace sells but who s buying 4 so far so good so what 5 youthanasia 6 endgame 7 united abominations 8 the system has failed 9 cryptic writtings 10 the world needs a hero 11 KIMBABIG 12 risk
—Guest bogdan

Best Megadeth Albums

1. Rust In Peace 2. Peace Sells 3. Killing Is My Business 4. Endgame 5. So Far, So Good..So What 6. Countdown 7. United Abominations 8. Youthanasia 9. Cryptic Writings 10. The System Has Failed 11. The World Needs A Hero 12. Risk ( number 11 and 12 truly do not deserve even to have Megadeths name on it)
—Guest Adam

top 5

1. Rust In Peace 2. Peace Sells 3. Killing is My Business 4. Countdown 5. Endgame
—Guest brian852009

Masterpieces of Megadeth

1.Peace Sells...But Who's Buying 2.Rust In Peace 3.Countdown to Extinction 4.United Abominations 5.Cryptic Writings
—Guest Anshul


Rust in peace - Youthanasia - Countdown to Extinction - Endgame - PEace Sells
—Guest bore

Best albums in order

1. Rust In Peace 2.Peace Sells 3. The World Needs a hero 4. Endgame 5.Youthanasia 6.Cryptic Writings 7. So Far So Good So What 8. Countdown to Extinction 9. The System Has Failed 10. Killing is my Business 11. Risk 12. United Abominations
—Guest Chucho

Top 5 Megadeth

1. Rust In Peace 2. Endgame 3. Peace Sells... 4. Countdown to Extinction 5. So Far so Good so What
—Guest Danny

Megadeth Top 5

1. Peace Sells. 2. So Far So Good So What 3. Rust In Peace 4.Countdown To Extinction 5. Youthtanasia
—Guest notrap

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